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We are a young team of designers and programmers dedicated to our work. We always create for our clients like we are competing for the first place in Hodeidah . And we never sell our soul for the money. If you like our works , you will accept our way of work. The difference between a great outcome and a bad outcome is the trust you put in us. Please review our portfolio to see the way that we work .We could do great things for you too .


we provide the creative and technical development of digital products including websites , web applications , social and mobile applications , Branding , Tv Solutions , and software .

We create, design, and build with a greater vision and marketing objective in mind. We develop integrated campaigns for our clients that weave multiple mediums together, such as social media , online contests , QR codes , microsites, and company videos . All of which can be used to further enhance traditional online and offline campaigns .

- MiM is more than just a web design company .

 وتتكون الشركة من فريق متخصص يمزج مابين جمال الطبيعة وحيويتها مع حلاوة التصميم بالإبداع وقمة الجمال حيث نسعى دائما لإرضاء عملائنا الكرام بتحسين أرائهم وتحويلها إلى لوحة فنية رائعة وجذابة مليئة بالتقنيات الحديثة والعصرية من أجل الوصول إلى أهدافهم التجارية والتسويقية ونشرها في جميع أنحاء العالم .

What we can do!

    • Creative Web Design
    • Web Developing
    • Web Hosting
    • Web Application Development
    • Ecommerce  
    • Social Media Strategy
    • Mobile Application (Android , iOS)
    • Graphic Design
    • Branding
    • Identity
    • 3D Decoration
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+967 777 573 466

+967 3 212653


Hodaidah- Yemen ,Al-Tahreer Street
Ghamdan Building 1 floor


​ +966 591 553 999

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Signature Banking online

Signature Banking online service is special system for banks in a new technology dimension. Manage your list of signatures quickly, safely , everywhere arownd the world .

Features robust functionality within a secure framework , Services capabilities include :

  • Multi-user management and entitlement controls, with the ability to set transaction limits and allow dual control.

  • Your signatures are always up-to-date everywhere

  • Full Support online 24/7

  • The high security standards guarantee seamless control over signatures, processes, and access

  • YOU keep complete control of your published data

  • The connection between your browser and our data servers is encrypted (HTTPS via Verision Extended Validation). The database itself is also secured with modern encryption algorithms


Always up-to-date, everywhere

Log in, enter a search term of name, find the signature: No more time-consuming searching for signatures

In-house bank employees whom you have granted special authorization are able to update and edit the list at any time while adhering to the two-person integrity principle

Access to your signature list can be granted separately for each correspondent bank

Individual coordination of the publication and management of signatures

The security of the Signature Banking Online platform is our foremost concern

Whether physical, network or data security , we take care of the security of your data.

The connection between your browser and our data servers is encrypted (HTTPS via Verision Extended Validation) , The database itself is also secured with modern encryption algorithms

Additional Features

Smart users interface

Multi language interface

Unlimited authorized

Unlimited banking users

Flexible authorized management

Booklet sheet export Data to PDF

Specialist reports

Export to PDF , Excel

Fliexable search window


We will be glad to demonstrate the advantages of Signature Banking Online to you in person. To try demo and more details just get in touch at info@mimcomp.com

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